Jim Moyers Photos

Digital & Film to Digital Images From 40+ Years of Photography

Nature, landscape, and other things that happen to make their way into my camera.  As I live in Oakland, CA many of my photographs are from somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


All photos copyright 2018 by Jim Moyers 

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1927 dodge graham 4x5 negative abandoned buildings abstract achyrachaena mollis acoma acoma pueblo adobe alaska aloe ambleside ancestral pueblo anglesey animal animals anna's hummingbird antique truck arizona arrowhead marsh autumn autumn color backlit backlit trees badlands badlands national park badwater bamburgh bare trees bark bay beach bear creek spire bee big dipper big island bird bird in flight bird of prey birds birds in flight bishop black and white black crowned night heron blacknecked stilts bleeding heart blood moon blowwives blue blue dick blue dicks blue sky blurred background boats bodie bodie state historic park boston breach breaching whale bridge brodiaea brown pelican bryn bryn celli ddu buds burial mound butterfly buttermere ca cactus cactus flower california calla calla lily calm sea captain samson waers cat cathedral cathedral gorge state park cathedral interior cathedral rock spires celli cemetery chaco chaco culture national historical park chambered tomb chichagof island cholla church churchyard city city lights cliff dwellings cloister closcup closeup closup clothesline clouds clover coast cogswell marsh colorado colorful clouds colorful rock conifers crossing crossroads curving shoreline dark background dark clouds dawn ddu death valley california death valley national park desert dirt road distant view doorway douglas iris dry grass dunes dwarf dove lupine macro early morning early morning light eastern span egret ely ely cathedral ely octagon endangered species england erosion eucalyptus eucalyptus bark evening light fall color fanny dissmore feeding fells ferns field fish fishing florida flower flowers fog forest geologic formation ghost town giant bearded iris ginger glacial glacier glacier bay national park glacier terminus gladiola golden golden gate golden gate bridge gothic grass grave gravestones graveyard great basin national park great bear great plains green green background greenwood beach gulf fritillary hawaii hawk hayward hayward regional shoreline hdr processing head heron hieau hill hills hilltop holiday lights holy trinity church houses huckleberry botanic regional preserve humboldttoiybe national forest hummingbird humpback whale hyacinth ice ice floe ice floes iceberg insect inside passage iris irises japanese joshua tree national park lake lake district lake merritt landscape lupine macro martin luther king jr. regional shoreline mesquite flat dunes moon mountain mountains native american nature nevada new mexico night night sky oakland ocean orange pelican purple red ruins saguaro saguaro national park san francisco san francisco bay san francisco bay bridge sand sand dunes seascape sheep sibley volcanic regional preserve sierra nevada mountains skyline slide snow snowy egret stars storm clouds sunrise sunset suspension bridge tracy arm trees tucson wales water water drops white white bird wildflower woods
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